Believe it or not, it takes a lot of strategy to successfully sell and buy a house to benefit you the most. For the most part, that's what we're here to help you do. But it never hurts to know what you're jumping into. Here are some tips for how to make sure the process goes smoothly for you.


The market isn’t the only factor that influences whether you get your asking price! Appearance and overall condition play a major role. You only have one shot to make that first impression.

Become your buyer. Take a fresh look at your home. Before putting your home on the market, get rid of clutter. (Yes, everyone has it)  Remember that potential buyers are put off by clutter. Most of us put too much stuff in to little space, therefore making our home look small. After you have de-cluttered, its time to really clean. Don’t forget windows, appliances, cabinets, closets, (yes buyers will want to look at these areas) spiff up ceiling fans, maybe a fresh coat of paint. In general do what women call a Deep Clean. If there are minor or major repairs do them now, not after they have been revealed in a home inspection. Repairs do pay off! Don’t forget the “Curb Appeal” of your home. Stand across the street from your home and critique it as a buyer would. Does it say “welcome home “. Look at the landscaping, does exterior need power washing or painted. Make your entry really shine.



Pricing your home correctly is the most important piece of the home selling process.

While looking for a real estate agent to market and sell your home, one has to be careful in selecting a real estate agent who quotes an exorbitant sales price for the property. Just to impress the seller and secure the listing, some agents will quote an unrealistically high price, just to fill inventory. Many sellers don’t understand that overpricing can actually result in your getting LESS for your home or property than if you had priced it correctly in the first  place.  Homes that are priced higher than they should be will actually end up helping their competition. Your high asking price will make similar homes that are priced lower look more attractive to buyers.


Get Pre Approved: Pre-approval" means you have met with a loan officer, your credit files have been reviewed and the loan officer believes you can readily qualify for a given loan amount with one or more specific mortgage programs. Based on this information, the lender will provide a pre approval letter, which shows your borrowing power.

Finding A Home: Each of us is different and so it's important to list the features and benefits you want in a home. Consider such things as pricing, location, size, amenities (extras such as a pool or extra-large kitchen) and design (one floor or two, colonial or modern, etc.). Make a list. Do you (and your spouse, if you're married) really know what you need and want in your home? You'll save yourself many hours of shopping (and potentially arguing) if you make a list ahead of time. Zero in on the features you must have, would like to have, definitely don't want and would prefer not to have. Your goal is to find the right home for your family without falling in love with one that doesn't suit your needs. Tip: Start compiling your wish list by thinking about what you like and dislike about your current home.

The "Red Shoes" Experience for a Home Buyer

Women will relate to this. Say, you need a new pair of red shoes. You go to the mall. At the first shoe store, you find a fabulous pair of red shoes. You try them on. They fit perfectly. They are glamorous. Priced right, too. Do you buy them? Of course not! You go to every other store in the mall trying on red shoes until you are ready to drop from exhaustion. Then you return to the first store and buy those red shoes. Do not shop for a home this way. When you find the perfect home, buy it.